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R C Addiction
It doesn't get any better
Thunder Tiger

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PDO271 gear
 differential gear bag
Price  $ 12.50
PDO289 blocks
 these are probably caster block (sorry, but there is nothing else on the package but the number)
Price  $ 1.60
PDO298 tie rods
 tie rods
Price  $ 3.99
 this is a metal plate, but doesn't say what it is  just the number
Price  $ 7.70
PDO324 shocks
Price  $ 8.24
PDO327 gear
 main gear bag
Price  $ 3.00
PDO412 hub
 drive hub set
Price  $ 5.95
PDO411 hinge pin
 suspension hinge pin set
Price  $ 3.50
PDO381 shock tower
 I'm guessing this is shock tower  a lot of Thunder Tiger does not explain on the package
Price  $ 5.29
PDO380 body mount
 body mount
Price  $ 5.99
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